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Thursday, June 10, 2010 1:26 PM Y

Four months of abandoning my blog and now i am finally back=)
Forgive me for my laziness since i am having such a busy life this year..
Well all the excuses again..
Woke up this morning and looked out from the balcony..
My feeling was so mixed up and i wasnt happy at the moment..
I felt exhausted..disappointed and lost out of a sudden..
I knew today wasn't a good day for me..
Thought of all the things that had happened in these 6 months..
Doesn't make me feel better but i think it became worst..
The reasons are all kept to myself..
I hope today can end as soon as possible..
I want to get rid of all these that make me upset:(
And yeah i am so moodless currently..down..

baby pooh & friends :D

Saturday, February 6, 2010 11:19 PM Y

Well so how are you guys currently??
Hope everything is fine and bet you guys do enjoy your holidays=)
Started college life 3 weeks ago
First week was pretty well,
Knew alot of friends and yeah they are from all over the states..
We played,laughed and even gossiped about everything..
So cool,just like how i always did in school last time=)
But still i miss my high school life so much..
Just a simple introduction and explaination from all the lecturers..
I was chosen as the assistant class representative with all the votes by them..
Which is going to be in-charge in planning birthdays and at least an outing every month..
I hope i can do the job well..
Second week was getting busier..
With a sudden of ESL investigating studies make me almost going nuts..
Keep on finding a topic which is not too broad and too wide..
But still whatever topics i found was rejected by the teacher..
And yeah i was so frustrated:(
Luckily wenz and phoebe were there to help me out,
They gave me ideas and encouragement!!Thx guys!appreciate it lots=)
But still i managed to organise a surprise birthday for the january babies..
And yeah after that,they thanked me for such a wonderful surprise..
With a big smile on their face make me happy yet satisfied..
Third week was really tortuing,
With tonnes of homeworks and exercises..
Make me almost sleep at 1am everyday..
What a tiring week man..
I also had a biology class test on that week..
Which the result was so unsatisfied and i was so unhappy on it..
Just because the day before the exam i got a very serious allergy
It was so itchy till i cant sleep for the whole night..
Then,we also did an experiment about the flame thgy..
Where everyone got to wear their goggles and lab coat..
Wow,so yeng man..like a real scientists=)
I was called by the teacher to demonstrate how to light up the bunsen burner..
And yeah i was so clumsy till the matches box flew away from my hand when i was to light it up..
Gosh..so as usual whole class laughed lor..
Haiz..i just can feel the stress is coming to me one by one..
I hope i can stay strong coz it is not as easy as how i think..
And i am going to have physics and mathematical studies exams next week before the CNY break..
So yeah i am going to work hard for it man..
Gambateh michelle!!!!
The unsatisfied bio result gave me the strength althou it was dissapointing..
So i will just learn from mistake and will not give up..
By the way,I am having homesick now:(
I miss my mummy,my house and the food..
I juz hope i can go bck home now..
Oh yeah,btw Happy Sweet 18th Birthday to my dearest Nanie..
Sorry coz cant celebrate with you on your day..
But i promise u that i will go out with you one day okies??hehe..
p/s:I LOVE YOU and I MISS YOU!!=)

baby pooh & friends :D

Friday, January 1, 2010 10:32 PM Y

How did you celebrate your new year eve?=)Well,due to traffic jams all around KL,i thought this year will be like usual watch tv at home till 12am and have a simple countdown with family,but yesterday my mum suddenly told us that we are having steamboat tonight at her friend's house..so yeah i was so happy!!!haha..finally i celebrated a new year in different way..so yeah,while i was busy preparing the food,suddenly i received a message,it was from Pn. Rahayu..a short yet sweet msg made the smile on my face lost all in a sudden..

After replying the message,i stood at the balcony and look out at night scenary quietly..i miss y friends,my teachers,my school and the memories throughout my high school life!!The year of 2009 is the year where all the form 5 are sitting for their so called torturing examination-SPM,the year where the form 5 need to graduate and ended their high school life..And now the year 2010 is here,New Year,New Aim,New life..but still the year of 2009 is a year to be remembered for me..it contained all the sweet memories with friends,teachers and even students..I just love my high school life,aren't you??

I was graduated as the students of ARGS..I ended my responsibilities as the head prefect 08/09,the secretary of chinese society,the treasurer of PBSM and the members of school editorial team too!!A year where i carried the most responsibilities and i was grateful coz i did try my best to do it..I also successfully aimed to get 100% of attendance to school with soo yee!!hehe..I am going to miss the school so so much,especially 5 Anggerik,the class where we studied together and porch where i incharged the prefects' roll call every morning..

This is the picture of me when the last time giving speech as the students' representative!!haha..finally i did not need to prepare any speech anymore!!haha..As the ex-head prefect, i really gained alot of experience and lessons which are so precious..I had learned to solve the problem confidently,deal with problematic students patiently and most importantly i had overcome my stage fright!!haha..and yeah i knew a lot of new friends too..I also learned to gain respect from others but not by forcing ppl to respect you!!=)And i would like to thx all my AJKs' and prefects for your 100% co-operation and supports that u guys had given me..u guys were really great!!All the best yea~

Not to forget my this gang of besties too!!haha..we have been through ups and downs together although sometimes we quarrel too!!=)Thanks alot for your supports and always be there whenever i need someone..Oh ya,they enjoyed bullying me too..i am always the innocent one rite phoebe??haha..the smile on their faces show that how important are they to me!!hehe..The pictures we took together are more than you can imagine!!hehe..Sorry for all my wrong doings and if i had ever hurt you..hope our friendship will last forever yea~Remember dun forget me leh!!haha..

We are the papaya sisters!!Haha...it was funny but this shows how close are we like a papaya with skin,fleshie and seeds..we are called as the chipmunks and for sure i am the theodore which have the body size,but not the cute face+voice!!haha...

Haha..this is nanie my mulla..she is also one of my besties and i really miss her so much..she is always the one who accompany me gossiping around and busy talking while the teacher is teaching!!haha..she will laughed whenever i laughed hor nanie??i am just used to it with her beside me..without her,my life is going to be so boring..i am going to miss her jokes and her laughter..nvrmind we will surely out to dating one a month rite??hehe..Nanie,thx lots for hearing me grumbling and always be my side when i am sad..sorry if i had ever hurt you..love you so much!!!hehe...dun ever forget me tau eventhough after kahwin!!:P

The best teacher i had ever met-Pn. Rahayu..she is the one who always stand out to help the prefects and very understanding..she is also the one who gave me encouragements and supports while i was the head prefect..without her,i can't overcome the weakness of mine and be the michelle that you see today..she was really great..thx you so much tce!!All the best in your studies and i miss you=)

She is my non-biological sister!=)Although the time we had been together was not that long,but the memories that we had together was really awesome..she is the one who accompany me when i am down,on phone with me for almost an hour,sms with me almost everyday and always try her very best to make me smile when i am sad..the winnie the pooh bear that she had given me during my graduation day is just sitting beside my study table,no worries it will accompany me all the time yea~haha..thx for everything that you had done for me..thx you very muchie!!Don't ever give up and happy always!!Good luck in your form 4..love you lots!!muaxie..remember i will always ready for you if you need me=)

These were all the classmates of mine!!The best class ever!!hehe..i miss the moments when i walked all around the classroom and kacau them who were concentrating doing their own works..i know i was naughty and playful,but they din't even scold me!!haha...i also miss the moments where i can laughed and talked as much as i can in the class..they are just so perfect in their own ways with different personalities..you guys were awesome man!!Hope we still keep can in touch!!haha..may u guys success in your studies and careers!!Gambateh~5 Anggerik rocksss!!!!!

To my dearest besties:
No matter what pushes us,
We stay together.
No matter how strong it is,
We fall together.
No matter how hard it is,
We stand up against it together.
No matter how saddening to leave each other,
At least we had each other before.
No matter what happens,
I will always be here for you whenever you need me.
No matter how far are we,
Don't ever forget each other.
No matter how many boyfriends i have,
Cass,Su Min,Joanne,Phoebe,Wen Xin and Savina will always be in my heart!!haha..
You guys rockss man...!!!!Love Angie, Nanie and Diyana too!!!=)

In the new year of 2010,lets forget the sadness and bad things,but welcome all the smiles,laughter and happiness!!All the best to all my friends in their studies and those who are going to NS soon!!Enjoy yea~Hope all the people who i loved around me always be happy and healthy including me!!=)

baby pooh & friends :D

Wednesday, November 25, 2009 6:08 PM Y

hmm.. since my jie jie din't update her blog, so i am here to help her update! haha^^ my jie jie today not in good mood, so sad:-( haiz.. trying use all way to cheer up her & make her feel happy! just now she was smile, but suddenly down back! just in 2 second like that only, haiz... jie jie ar, don't sad sad! mei mei is for you always! remeber yea:-) anything must find mei mei o^^ haha~ sound weird rite? LOL! jie, see all this smile? happy rite? let follow mei smile! 1...2...3... SMILE :-) :-) :-) be happy, no worry^^

baby pooh & friends :D

Thursday, November 19, 2009 8:09 PM Y

my DEAR SISTER & ME! hehe^^ miss you~

{this post should post on 13 of nov 2009, cause i type it on that day. but my internet can't connect, so post up late~ sorry sis^^}

Sis, your SPM examination coming nearest already. But the day you having exam I’m not at school or beside you! So I’m here to wish u good luck and all the best in your examination! Today was the last day of school, I wish that I could have a very sweet memory in this last day! Because after today, I don’t know when only I’m going to meet u again! I will miss you! Everyone that important to me also have a song that let me think about them, you also^^ Remember the song that name “the climb” sing by miley Cyrus~ When listening this song I will think about you! I don’t know why, maybe the day you graduate I heard it! Our memory is not a lot, but u did to bring me a lot of happiness! I’m glad to have you, my dear sis! Every moment when I’m sad I will think back our memory and the way u comfort and cheer me up! I will not forget these all forever! Everyone is important to me, include u too! Everyone or anything also can be replaced, but nothing that can melt our relationship and no one will replace you in my heart. Maybe you are not the special one in my heart, but you are only one MICHELLE TEO in my heart! This is no one can replace you in my heart! Nothing I can promise you, but I can surely say that I won’t make you feel disappointed on me! I just want all the moment you with me are be happy! No matter the moment we cry or down, I just want the ending is happy! As your sis, I wish that we could cry together, sad together, smile together, settle down problem together and play together! I will hold thigh our relationship and won’t let it break! My dear sis, do your best and try your best! I know you can do it, it just because one, CAUSE YOU ARE MY DEAR SISTER! I trust that! I love you, sis! Enjoy your life with happiness! Find me whenever you need me! I will always open my phone to wait for you! MuacksJ
>>jia you jia you!
>>miss jie all the time!
>>take a good good care yea^^
{from: li wenn-sis}

baby pooh & friends :D

Thursday, October 15, 2009 5:36 PM Y

Hey yo!=)I am here to wish a very special lilttle girl a very Happy Sweet 17th Birthday!!haha...I think you noe who is she right?Well, this girl ah??She is naughty,playful and talkative at times and one more she likes to gek sei me..What to do?Coz it is her daily routine,am i right?haha..but she is really an awesome friend..She makes me smile almost everyday and always be there when i need her..Isn't she special?haha..anyway she has many imteresting characteristics if you know her well!oh ya she is very important to me..she will always be the one and only JOANNE in my heart..you stand a very special place in my heart,REMEMBER THAT JOANNE CHONG!!!:D

And here is the birthday girl: sexy+hott+sweet+pretty JOANNE CHONG KAR LING!!!:P

This is our trademark smile..

I HUG HER!!!haha...i gave her a sweet kiss 2day!!Jo dun wash ur face ah!!haha..

PS: I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!muaxie..friends foreva~

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to joanne,

Happy birthday to you..

Hope you enjoyed your day today!!thx for everything and all the best to you..Good luck in SPM yo..Always be the happy and cheerful you ya~wo ai ni!!!haha..Happy sweet 17th birthday again!!:D

baby pooh & friends :D

Saturday, September 26, 2009 9:41 PM Y

Tagged by Wen Xin..=)

点名规则:A. 被点到名字的要在自己的博客里写下自己的答案,然后去掉一个你最不喜欢的问题再加上一个你的问题,仍然组成20个问题, 传给其他8个人,列出其他8个需要回答问题的人的名字,还要到这8个人的部落格裡留言通知对方——你被点名了, 被点名者不得拒绝回答问题,完成游戏的人将会永远得到大家的祝福。

B. 这8个人要在自己的部落格裡註明是从哪裡接到的,并且再传给其他8个人,让游戏继续下去,不得回传。被点到名字的人将会得到大家的祝福,并且所有美好的愿望都会在不久的将来实现。

1 .你最希望从朋友(不包括爱人)那里得到的是什麼?

SPM 越来越接近了




6. 最不舍得的事?






12.接下来最想去旅行的国家或城市? 为什麼?


14. 你觉得点你名的这个人是什麼样的个性?







1. Huey Wern
2. Cass
3. Yin Ni
4. Joanne
5. Phoebe
6. Yi En
7. Kyeli
8. Yuh Jing

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